Event review – Overview

6th International CytoSorb Users` Meeting

One day ahead of the 39th International Symposium of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM), CytoSorbents invited for its 6th International CytoSorb Users Meeting at the Square Meeting Center in Brussels, Belgium. More than 150 participants from 24 countries including physicians, partners, and distributors joined the meeting to share and discuss their experiences with the CytoSorb therapy.

Following a welcome speech by Professor Jean-Louis Vincent and an opening lecture on the past, present and future of CytoSorb therapy by Professor Claudio Ronco, an excellent panel of speakers presented the most recent data and findings on the following topics:

  • From experiments to evidence – including the latest update on the International CytoSorb Registry
  • Application of CytoSorb for shock reversal in different indications
  • Application of CytoSorb in various other fields of application
  • Presentation of a very special CytoSorb case

Given the constantly growing evidence base it was once again emphazised that an early start of CytoSorb therapy is key to successful treatment and that the primary therapeutic goal of CytoSorb treatment is hemodynamic stabilization with a reduction of catecholamine dosages. Moreover, CytoSorb should be seen as being more than purely a cytokine adsorber, providing removal of a broad spectrum of inflammatory mediators and toxins. This very well addresses the complexity of the immune system and might also explain some clinical effects observed in treated patients. To help better identifying the right patient for CytoSorb therapy a promising novel stratification approach based on a newly defined score (CytoScore) was presented, which, however, needs to be confirmed on a broader scale.

We thank all contributors and participants having joined this platform, that enabled users, partners and distributors to exchange their experiences with CytoSorb. The lessons learned will support how best to design large-scaled pivotal trials that will help to definitely answer outstanding topics of interest. This will ensure uniformity of treatment so that all users worldwide benefit from the latest information.  So far, more than 56,000 individual CytoSorb therapy applications have been performed in more than 800 clinical departments worldwide.

The individual presentations are available in the webcast area below. Enjoy watching!

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