Usage and Application

Easy usage and application of CytoSorb-Therapy

All application-relevant details around CytoSorb – Therapy are taught in special training courses and seminars that are conducted by Cytosorbents directly or by their distributors.

The most important benefits of CytoSorb-Therapy at a glance:

  • Easy integration into routine procedures
  • Trouble-free usage with existing Renal Replacement (Dialyzes or CRRT) and Cardio Pulmonary Bypass
    (intermittent treatment or continuous treatment possible)
  • Intra-operative application with existing cardio pulmonary bypass (heart-lung machines) in bypass
  • Little work effort (connection of the respective blood lines followed by flushing procedure)
  • Anticoagulation possible with both heparin and citrate
  • No changes of the clinic’s internal standards needed